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Gilbert Regional Amphitheater
Gilbert Regional Amphitheater

Welcome to Arizona’s Legislative District 14 Democratic Party! We represent about 50,000 registered Democrats in the Gilbert area, in the largest battleground county in the country.
Maps (JPG): LD14, LD15, LD13 | Maps (PDF): All AZ Legislative Districts

The D14 party is made up of passionate citizens who believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all, and the government was instituted by the consent of the governed to secure these rights. We believe that Arizona is a great state, that the United States is a great country, and that they can both be even better. Nations, states, parties, and other institutions are owned and guided by those who participate, and we work to make ours great.

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District 14 🏜

Monthly Meeting | Fundraisers | Misc. Events
July 15: District 14 Democrats Community Meeting (Monday 7 PM, PCs 6:30)
Attend in person or by Zoom. Zoom registration (found in July 8’s newsletter).
. . .Chalice Community Christian Church, 15303 S Gilbert Rd  (click the address for map)
— * Special Activitiy!! *
. . . . . . Arrive by 6:15 PM for Pizza & Refreshments, courtesy of Elizabeth Brown
— D14 Democrats Officer & Committee Reports
Featured Speakers:

. . . ➤ Future District 14 Democrats Monthly Community Meetings (third Mondays)
. . . August 19, September 16, October 21 . . .

Past D14 Events: see page bottom for recent ones.

County, State, & National

Maricopa County Democratic Party
See also website.

Arizona Democratic Party
ADP Website
State Committee Meetings | Proxy Form (for State Committeepersons who cannot attend)
Future Dates: September 14, 2024 | January 18, 2025 
Past: May 18: State Committee Meeting (for elected state committee PCs)

National Democratic Party
Democratic National Committee: DNC Convention, August 19 to 22, 2024 (Chicago24.com)
Trump Party Convention: July 15-18, 2024 (Milwaukee, WI)

Elections 🌊

| Secretary of State Election Information (register to vote, dates, etc.);
| Maricopa County Elections, Voter Dashboard | Equal |

Gilbert Elections 2024 Link
The offices for the following seats are up for Election in 2024 (not running again):
Mayor Brigette Peterson, Council members Scott Andersen and Kathy Tilque.
July 1: Last day to register to vote in the Primary Election (Register: Maricopa County)
July 3: Early voting begins 
July 19: Last Day to request an early ballot by mail   
July 26: Early Voting Ends  
July 30: Primary Election (Mayor and two Councilmembers for four-year terms).

More Political Dates
Maricopa County Elections
June 17: District 14 Monthly Meeting
July 1: Last day to register to vote in the primary election [form], including Gilbert

July 15: District 14 Monthly Meeting
July 21: Primary Election
August 19: District 14 Monthly Meeting
September 16: District 14 Monthly Meeting
September 18: Don the Con Sentencing for 34 felony convictions
October 7: Last day to register to vote for the General Election by 11:59 p.m.
October 21: District 14 Monthly Meeting
Nov 5: General Election, 2024
Nov 18: District 14 Monthly Meeting

DNC: National Convention in Chicago, August 19-22 | RNC Con. July 15-18
| State primaries around the country *
June 27: First Presidential Debate of 2024 (CNN)
* Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee on March 12.
* Donald Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee on March 12.
Arizona Democratic Party: General event listing

Arizona List

Past Events

Previous Events:

(please see details further below)
June 17: District 14 Democrats Community Meeting (Monday 7 PM, PCs 6:30) May 24: Fundraiser for Elizabeth Brown (Clean Election $5’s)
May 22: LD14 Democrats Pizza Party Fundraiser (Wednesday 5 PM, $20)
May 20: D14 Democrats Community Meeting (7 PM, PCs 6:30)
May 18: State Comm Meeting | credentials vote: 8:15AM – 9:45AM | Agenda
March 19: Presidential Preference Election Day
February 24: Fundraiser, 9:00 to 11:00 AM, Gilbert Museum, 10 S Gilbert Rd. Join us!
February 19: D14 Democrats Community Meeting (7 PM, PCs 6:30)
January 27: State Committee Meeting in person (for elected State Comm PCs; register)
January 15: District 14 Democrats Monthly Community Meeting
January 5 Election Kickoff Party at Gilbert Museum


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• What is a legislative district?
A legislative district is an area that elects various municipal and state officials, most notably two Arizona representatives and one Arizona senator. Arizona has 30 legislative districts.

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